Content Factory


Innovate, Inspire & Ignite

Research confirms that the ability to learn, retain and apply varies from Individual to Individual. Understanding this fact, Spark strives for maximum take home of every participant by engineering its content with innovation, client sensitivity and customized training modules and methodologies of delivery.

The content factory is one entity which Spark readily boasts of. Its efficiency can be felt through the 5000 hours of content built by them, sometimes, in seemingly impossible in turnaround time. It has the proficiency to build world class yet absolutely customized content in English and all major Indian languages. Content thus created is further screened by two levels of our Quality Screening Team and approved by the subject matter expert’s of our clients before being delivered. There are 3 major angles through which our experts screen the content namely, Expectation of the client, participant’s ability to learn, retain & apply and the ease of delivery of the trainer. This leads to satisfaction beyond expectation of our clients which is the sole objective of the Content Factory.