Our Approach


Qualify to Quantify

Our approach focuses on through continuous engagement with our clients to understand their terminal business objectives and align the learning framework to their requirements.

We begin our journey with our clients from “BASE LINING” which is done through a Need Diagnostic Study. This is one of the major differentiators of Spark vis-à-vis other training organizations in the market. The Base lining exercise is a scientific methodology of understanding and linking the gaps in performance to the related gaps in knowledge or skill of the role holder. This helps in creation of a customized learning frame work which is specific to a role holder for any organization, further leading to the development of customized content.

Every content thus developed is subject to delivery only after due approval of the subject matter experts of our clients. The trainers listed for delivering the program are subjected to a stringent certification process before being allowed to deliver. Steering council meetings are scheduled with our clients to understand the bottle necks and mutually agree upon necessary changes to be incorporated in the learning framework to meet the terminal objective. Every participant undergoes a certification to qualify themselves to the next level of the learning frame work. At the end of every project, our team of experts calls for a slot in the Annual Operating Plan meeting of our clients to highlight the return on investment in training and discuss further engagements. This approach of us helps in building a strong and continuous engagement with every client of ours.